Pet Policy

Southwest Airlines requires you to fly with small, vaccinated domestic cats and dogs under the seat before you in the cabin. As mentioned below, all pets must be taken in a suitable carrier.

The in-cabin movement of pets on domestic flights or on any timetable, including international flights, is banned. Animals will be admitted on an early arrival basis and first served before they hit demand.

A limited pet carrier per paying passenger flying with the same flight is approved for six animals per flight. But, from time to time, more or less than six pet carriers per scheduled flight might be permitted in the circumstances.

All pets must be checked in at the airport tickets desk, but, at the airport check-in point, at an airport kiosk, or on a ticket counter, the clients can still receive their boarding pass. On a first-come, first-served basis, Southwest Airlines welcome pets before they hit their capacity. Southwest Airlines does not authorize animals to ride without a human escort, and dogs of unaccompanied minors are not required to operate.

The pet carrier's overall size should be 47 cm x 22 cm x 34 cm for pets traveling in the carry-on cabin. It should be well ventilated, leakproof, and compact enough to fit under the front seat. Your cat or dog must be able to move freely in the carrier.

For an animal who has aggressive behaviour, boarding can be refused. Disruptive activity examples include (but not limited to):

  • scratch, whining, or bark loudly.
  • biting and growling
  • Urinate or defecate in the cabin or gate section

Pets cannot fly on international flights, Unfortunately. Each client shall bear onboard only one animal carrier. Your carrier will accommodate up to 2 cats and dogs of the same kind and be treated as a carry-on bag for the customer. It must be reasonably compact to fit in front of your sitting. For animals to fly, Southwest does not need a veterinary license or any other consumer veterinarian paperwork; however, the animal fee is $95 either way.