Terms and Conditions

The conditions must be specified for a business requiring an honest relationship with its customers. We give our customers these terms and conditions as a reputable Southwestaofficial Service Provider to enhance their understanding. What you can and should not do while using our website is explained in the Terms and Conditions. Should some aspect of this website be disagreed by the customer, the user should stop automatically utilizing the service. However, if anyone is using the website, it is assumed that the user is complying with the website terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions Enforcement

You must adhere to the website's terms and conditions before using our website or using our services. Your recognition of our terms and conditions shows that you recognize the inclusive operations of the organization. You cannot use our website if you do not agree with all these terms and conditions. However, you must clearly show your consent to the terms and conditions before you access the website.

Usage of content

No person can erase, repeat, reuse or change any material on the website, but anybody using this website may be authorized to use the content for reference to websites such as logs, images, prices, and other information. Our customers' guide will use the resources we gather and put on our website, and we will keep the rights to our content. Should anything not adhere to the terms of the site be found, the liable party would be subject to severe sanctions.

Links of third parties

On our pages, links classified as websites of third parties and are only used for reference are open. We are not accountable and do not promote their goods for connections to these outlets. Therefore, when you visit these web links and plan to purchase their products, you must check whether you meet their terms and conditions.

Rights of intellectual ownership

The website is our property and all content is only authorized through us. It shall be protected, as otherwise defined, by copyright and marks and various laws on trademarks and others. This Domain is our private property and is a joint property of all source code, databases, functions, software, web designs, audio, video, text, images, etc.

Terms and conditions modifications

At our discretion and without warning, we can alter or change the contents of the web for any reason. However, our site records are not required to be updated. We reserve the right at any time without notice to alter or discontinue any or all pages.

We shall not be considered accountable to you or any third party for any modification or pricing, suspension, or disruption of the website. Without any warning to you at any time, we can update, delete, redesign, cancel, suspend, or otherwise alter the site.

Payment of goods

We wish to warn you that we regulate our goods listed on our web site according to the customer's demand and availability in the travel and tourism sectors. We are also entitled to change airline fares' quality and usability. Until you order the goods, you can also review rates, and we do not have to remind you of the price rise.